Do you know who your existential enemy is?

Best think about it and ready yourself for what's coming.

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Man hating commie dyke

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She's correct that we should all ignore laws which are immoral. The problem is that her view of morality is perverted.

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Tail Gunner Joe McArthy was right

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Hates herself.

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Drabinsky... claimed that libraries have an obligation to provide books about “gay people doing gay things...”

Nope. Not for children. Nor should libraries provide books about heterosexual people doing heterosexual things, in the sense she means.

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We may be able to win this recent fight, as these people are clearly degenerates and pedophiles, but we will never win the war as long as we fund systems (zero accountability public schools) instead of giving parents the option to send their kids somewhere else with the money that the parents themselves earned.

Communism is not a political theory. It is a religion. It has no connection to reality and will continue to fail - continue to kill millions - as long as we fund it. The lack of accountability in the educational system and bureaucracies is why it continues to exist.

These people know deep down they are losers, so as long as the money keeps flowing in, they will continue to create justification for ideologies that keep their inflated self-worth afloat - using the fruit of your labor - the hours of your life.

Then when they get more kids mutilated, more families destroyed, more people die from starvation, and more people die as political prisoners, they'll be right back at it a few years later, lying to your kids about the utopia they are planning next time... Wash, rinse, repeat.

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What is the lefts obsession with perverted sex.

What does the left offer the rest of us normies. Not much as I see it. The left appears to be a very sick cult of some sort. I am not sure what their view of utopia is, but judging from what they say and some of their ideas ... it's sick.,

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I’d pay money to watch her beaten to death.

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representative' govt is a bastardization of the founder's dream of citizen govt. I contend that not only do we NOT need to be 'represented', if we don't quit allocating power to the oligarchy, we probably aren't going to make it.

Fight for citizen-govt

by calling for #govtbysmartphone

through a #conventionofstates.com

for a #truedemocracynow.com where

* every citizen is a member of Congress for their community,

* each community is sovereign similar to an Indian reservation and free to reflect the sentiments of its residents, and

* the federal govt has little say over most aspects of local governance so that we can #cancelthe1pc and #endplutocracy.

Our current system, where those that have the financial and media support of the oligarchy are the ones that get elected, will always serve the oligarchy.

Don't delegate power to servants of the oligarchy! #vote4yourself

This is the greatest opportunity to advance the art of governance since civilization began and to eliminate corruption.

Start your own tweet campaign, and ask your friends to join in this effort and help end our senseless, cold, civil war and create a so much more egalitarian way to govern.

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Are libraries likewise obligated to provide me with heterosexual porn?

These people are nuts, why even argue with them?

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Everyone should watch the movie "Nefarious". A Christian film that lays out the schemes of your opponent, Satan. This woman helps carryout those schemes.

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